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Overview of Business Ethnography


"Ethnographers analyze how customers use a company’s products or services."


Business ethnography. It sounds like an ivory tower concept, but in practice, it’s really quite simple.


In academia, ethnography is a branch of anthropology that studies how people behave in society and within their culture.


In business, ethnographers analyze how customers use a company’s products or services. They consider the real experiences employees have at work each day. They examine how workplaces contribute to (or discourage) an organization from delivering its best.


Sandbar embraces business ethnography and puts it to work for you. We are an objective outsider that immerses ourselves into the heart of your organization. Using job shadowing, in-person interviews and conversations, coaching and facilitation, we become one of you. We check the pulse of your organization and find out what makes it tick. Our business ethnography approach unearths the gems, challenges and opportunities that can be hard to see when you’re focused on the day to day. 


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