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Why Sandbar?


"In workplaces, sandbars are those unexpected obstacles.
Yet once reached, they expose many other possibilities."



You need a facilitator for your next big picture, strategic thinking session. Or someone to help you assess employee engagement and improve your organizational culture. Or you simply need a trusted, experienced coach to guide you through an opportunity or challenge.


You need Margot Ross Graham, the principal of Sandbar. Why should you choose Margot?

  • Margot quickly gets to the heart of your business, asking insightful questions that stimulate broad, more diverse thinking.

  • From senior executives to front line employees, from traditional business environments to retail or construction clients, Margot is experienced in facilitating and coaching all types of employees and across a wide range of industries.

  • Margot takes complicated ideas and breaks them into bite size pieces.

  • Flexible. An excellent listener. Action oriented. A natural at putting people at ease.  All traits Margot is known for.

  • Margot is highly relatable, known for her unique style characterized by client and participant comments like:

    • “Margot clearly want our organization to improve and move forward, not swirl in discussion or get mired in the weeds.”

    • “Margot is capable of being both visionary and down to earth practical.”

    • “She makes it all about us. Margot is more interested in our organization’s success than in securing more work.”

  • Margot is often viewed as a confidant. It is common for people to say, “I was not intending to tell you anything when I agreed to this interview, but this was much easier than I expected. I trust you will use the information I’ve shared to help improve our situation”



Sandbar is focused on being your trusted advisor and guide. I'd love to talk with you and learn more about the opportunities before you.


Contact Margot
or 780-278-3121

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