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Margot has been the Workplace Columnist with CBC radio since February 2012. Tune in to CBC Radio One’s Edmonton AM morning show (93.9 fm) to learn more about any number of workplace issues ranging from employee on boarding to goal setting and performance management.  If 7:40 am is a bit too early you can listen here as well.


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Returning to the office as restrictions are lifted - what does this mean for your employee experience?

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Planning to reopen your business or head back to the office? Reintegration takes an intentional plan

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Navigating employee engagement while your whole team is working from home.

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The power of building trust in a distributed workforce.? 

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Online meeting overload? Here are some tips for making the most of your next one.

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Moving into management - Stepping into any new job is tough. But moving into management for the first time comes with its own unique hazards.

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Prepping for job interviews  - some do’s and don’ts to land that new role.

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